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Sb-S Based Microporous Materials Designe

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Owner Yusuke Kawasaki
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Technology Name Sb-S Based Microporous Materials Designe
Keywords Microporous Material,Andorite Series
Usage solid electrolyte fuel cell
Description As for the synthesis of microporous antimony sulfides, two dimensional antimony sulfide layer structure was realized in the Sb-S system with the protonated amine molecules. The obtained layered structure can be understood by the linkage of Sb4S72- chain structure, which is more or les similar to that found in the natural andorite series of minerals.
Present study can report the common structural features found between microporous antimony sulfides and natural andorite series minerals. In turn, this study suggests that the crystal chemistry of natural andorite series is valuable for the development of microporous antimony sulfide materials and that many important and useful suggestions should be extracted from the well knowledge of the natural sulfosalts minerals by indicating the fundamental crystal chemical principles.
Registration Date 2014/02/07
Updated Date 2014/03/24
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Consult Yusuke Kawasaki
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