User guide

Member registration

You can create your profile by entering your company name and title. We recommend you also enter a self-introduction and profession category, so that you could view and contact other member's profile and also let them contact you as well.
If you concern about privacy and do not wish to have your identity disclose, you can select not to disclose options at the profile settings.

Introduce a technology

Just follow the form starting with technology name, keywords and usage. keyword and usage can be anything you can think of for a better search result. If you have any product specification or product introduction page, you can also enter the URL for referencing, and finally, don't forget to add additional documents and image to give the community a better understanding of your technology.
We will double check and approve the technology details entered, and usually will be available to the community within 1 - 2 days.

Technology Search

By entering keywords, usage, name of technology in the textbox on top of any page, the technology search will try to match any related technology for you.
In the result page, not only related results are listed, but also further suggestions on any additional keyword and usage related.

Technology Consultation

To begin a consultation, either navigate to technology detail page or member's profile page, on the right hand side there will be a "Consult via e-mail" button.
After filling in the consult request form, our operator at NineSigma Japan, Inc. will be contacting you for arranging the actual consultation session.