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What is TECROSS?
TECROSS (pronounced as tech-cross) is a community website especially designed for researchers and engineers to communicate and to exchange technical information, for more details please refer to About TECROSS page.
What is the Recommended Environment for TECROSS?
TECROSS requires computers with Windows, MacOS, or Linux operating system and internet connection for accessing http://www.tecross.jp/
The minimum requirements for internet browsers are listed below, we recommend using the latest browsers for the best user experience.

・InternetExplorer 8.0 or above
・Firefox 3.5 or above
・Google Chrome latest version
・Safari latest version

TECROSS require browsers to have both JavaScript and Cookie enabled.
Internet browsers other than the recommendation will still be able to access TECROSS website, however user may experience un-usable user interface and or part of the system maybe malfunction.
Is TECROSS accessible from mobile and smartphones?
YES, however depend on browsers, some may experience un-usable user interface.

Registration and Operation

Does it cost anything to register or using the service?
Registration and utilising our service is totally FREE.
If I get a contract through TECROSS, will there be any service charge?
TECROSS registration is FREE.
Any inter-personal or inter-company business transaction occur through TECROSS is not a part of TECROSS's service or TECROSS's corporate company NineSigma Japan, Inc.'s service, we held no responsibility and therefore there will be no service charge occur.
Having trouble receiving the Register Confirmation email
In some case, the register confirmation email may have been automatically sorted into the junk mail folder, if that is not the case, please let us know at [tecross_registration@ninesigma.co.jp]

also, if it happened to be deleted by mistake, you can redo the registration or let us know at [tecross@ninesigma.co.jp]
How to change details in my profile?
Please follow the [my page] link on top after login, there you can edit your profile and may also change your password.
Tell us about the collected personal information
TECROSS's corporate company NineSigma Japan, Inc. operates TECROSS according to the Privacy Policy


Forgotten my password
Please follow the [Login] link on top, there you can reset your password by clicking the [Forgot password?] and provide us with your current email address.
Forgotten both my account ID and password
Please let us know via the contact us page.


I would like to ask questions, report about bugs and abuse
Please let us know via the contact us page.
I would like to unregister
You may do so after login, navigate to [my page] and edit your profile, below the edit profile page, there is an unregister link.
Please Note: once the unregister link is activated, we cannot recover any of your tech and personal information from the current system.